BITNET RESOURCE LIMITED  is a leading global expert in latest ICT Innovation. An ICT company specializes in Multi-user Computing. One of the leaders in global developer and distributor of Thin Computing Solutions (TCS) that reduce The Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of IT Operations. We take advantage of today‘s computers that are so powerful with vast majority of applications only using a small fraction of the computer’s capacity.

BITNET RESOURCE LIMITED  virtualization software and hardware tap this unused capacity so that it can be simultaneously and independently shared by multiple users. Each user’s monitor, Keyboard, and mouse connect to the shared PC through a small and very durable Thin clients access device. The access device itself has no CPU, no Memory, or moving parts so it is rugged, durable, and easy to deploy and maintain.

What we do:

We are expert in

  • Thin Clients sales and Installation
  • Computer sales and installation
  • ICT center setup and maintenance
  • Internet connectivity and Management,
  • Networking and Computer Engineering,
  • ICT innovation training
  • CCTV sales and installation
  • Software development, website/ blog design
  • Abroad study center

Customer Relations

At BITNET RESOURCE LIMITED, we place a high premium on cordial relationships with our Clients and the Communities we have to work with. Our approach to Customer Relations is pro-active. The key plank of our Community Development is “professionalism”.

Our objectives are to avoid conflict, achieve zero work stoppage, enlighten the clients on the needs for peaceful coexistence and ensure mutual trust and lasting cooperation.

Our Vision

We strive to help our clients do great work through the limitless solutions we offer. Our goal is to be the best ICT provider in Africa. We want to be recognized by our employees, customers, shareholders and partners as being the best ICT Company to do business with. We consistently create and develop our own Intellectual Property in conjunction with our global partners and strive to make these our own within the markets we operate.

 Our Mission 

is to keep offering and supporting our customers with reliable technologies and solutions to help them stay at the competitive edge of their businesses.

 Our Values

We have a set of values that we adopt, some of them are:

1) Compliance to international practices and procedures in Services delivery and support, projects management, and quality assurance.

2) Continuous investment in our personnel to keep developing their skills and abilities.

3) Professional and ethical conduct of business.

4) Adopt the consultant approach in offering services to our customers.